Segway Test Drive Reservation Form
We cordially invite enthusiasts and customers to join us for the Segway Powersports test drive event. The specific event dates and locations will be announced on our official social media platforms and website. You will be notified via email with further details based on the information you provide. We sincerely appreciate your support and participation in our exciting endeavors.


Liability Waiver:

I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following liability waiver to participate in the Segway Powersports test drive:

1. I understand that participating in a test drive of an all-terrain vehicle involves certain risks, including but not limited to accidents, injuries, and property damage.

2. I certify that I possess a valid driver's license and have the necessary permits and insurance to operate an all-terrain vehicle.

3. I agree to comply with all traffic rules and laws during the test drive, including speed limits and the use of safety restraints.

4. I commit to respecting the safety and property of others during the test drive and will accept responsibility for any consequences resulting from any violations.

5. I hereby release the organizers of the test drive and their staff from any liability, including claims arising from accidents, injuries, or property damage.

6. I consent to allow the organizers to use my personal images for promotional and advertising purposes.

*    I have read and understood this liability waiver in its entirety and voluntarily participate in

the Segway Powersports test drive. I confirm the accuracy of my personal information and agree to abide by the terms and conditions herein.